We have an unblemished record of success. When we choose to invest our time, talent and resources into a company it makes it to the next generation. Our goal is to ensure success for all stakeholders:
Our business partners
  Our family

We have proven that our approach works across very diverse industries--high integrity and proper motivation are not industry specific. Examples include:    
In the manufacturing sector…
  Invested in a multi-faceted manufacturing business and owned companies in the medical packaging, lighting, adhesive and welding industries.
Achieved over 70% growth in top-line sales and improved the bottom-line from a $1.3 million loss to a $2.6 million profit.
Started a new business, grew the business to over $2.0 million in sales and then merged the company with a strategic partner.
  Started a new product-line and grew the new business segment to over 25% of the company's revenue base.
In the service sector…
  Assisted a 350-bed hospital in achieving a $5.0 million turnaround in less than a year.
Assisted a 490-bed inner city hospital in achieving a $10.0 million financial turnaround over a two-year period.
Developed a successful long-range strategic plan for a Midwest-based health care system.
  During the industry turmoil of the 1980's, recognized as one of the foremost experts in hospital turnarounds in the country with success stories spanning from Hawaii to Philadelphia.

We have proven that a properly motivated and value-driven approach to business that considers the interests of all stakeholders will achieve incredible results, irrespective of industry and circumstances.

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